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As a developer you need something to keep a list of outstanding issues or possible future enhancements. You can use pieces of paper, a textdocument, a spreadsheet or something like Bugzilla. Bugz is intended for those developers who need something more than simple lists, but have no need for a full blown server solution.


  • Supports tickets for multiple products/components.
  • Unlimited number of tickets.
  • Support for attachments.
  • Create simple reports.
  • Mail your tickets to the person who reported it, to whom it has been assigned or to anyone you like.
  • Create window/screen snapshots and add them to a ticket from within Bugz.
  • Create tickets by selecting some text in another application via the Services menu.
  • Save your find requests in Smart Groups.
  • Support for AppleScript (limited).
  • Available in English, French, Dutch.


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The demo version is limited to 20 tickets only. For the rest it is fully functional.

You can download the latest version here.

If you still use Mac OS X 10.5, the latest version that support this OS version can be downloaded here.

A usermanual is included in the application. It can also be downloaded here.

An example of the AppleScript access is inluded in the download. The example can also be downloaded here.

The release notes can be found here.

Minimum system requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
  • Intel Processor


Bugz will cost EUR 14.95 for a single user license. You can pay via PayPal/CreditCard. Payment will be processed via FastSpring. After payment you will receive your licensefile sent directly to your email address. Go to the Buy page to order your copy of Bugz.

On checkout 19% VAT will be added for EU residents.