Trial is fully functional for 30 days. If you want to continue using Bugz after that, please buy a license. Version 2.2.4.


As a developer you need something to keep a list of outstanding issues or possible future enhancements. You can use pieces of paper, a textdocument, a spreadsheet or something like Bugzilla. Bugz is intended for those developers who need something more than simple lists, but have no need for a full blown server solution.


Wether you have one product or many, Bugz supports as many products as you like. And there is no limit to the number of tickets.


Bugz has the ability to create and store screenshots in a ticket. Moreover, you can not only attach screenshots to a ticket, but any kind of document you like. Of course you can always view or export these attachments.


Whenever there is the need to send a copy of a ticket to someone else, you can do that. Bugz support sending via or from within the application. Alternatively you can set the option to use Apple’s Mail app.


There is limited support for the creation of reports. At this moment you can either create list of tickets or a ticket details report. You can print or safe you report as RTF.

Searching and Smartgroups

Searching for tickets is easy. Pull up the search box and select the criteria you want.
You can also create your own saved selections by using Smartgroups. Create your search query and save these with a descriptive name as a smartgroup.


There is limited Applescript availablity.


There is always the need to get your data out  of the application. Bugz supports exporting of tickets to RTF and CSV format.


To keep your data safe, Bugz support the automatic creation of backups during application  exit. You can set the number of backups to keep and the location yourself in the preferences.


All the changes you make in a ticket will be added to the ticket history for easy tracking.


System requirements

Mac OS X 10.9 or higher is required to run Bugz.