Version 2.0.0 of Bugz2 released!

After some beta versions, the new version of Bugz2 has now been released. Please give it a try! Beware though that the database has been changed, so make a backup of your database before using this new version.

The main changes in this new version are:

  • The user interface has been overhauled.
  • The product list has been separated from the priority/status list for more clarity.
  • Added milestones for a product
  • The ticket details screen is no longer a separate sheet. You can now type immediately without clicking an edit button/menu option.
  • The mail sheet is no longer a sheet but a window.
  • New option: you can select to use Apple’s Mail app to send mail. If not selected the in-app mail functionality will be used.
  • Added option wether or not to include the attachments in the mail.
  • Now possible to make a backup of your database when Bugs quits. You can also set the number of backups you want to keep an where you want to keep your backups.
  • Status and priority can now be given colours in the sidebar and the ticket list.
  • New export option: export tickets as RTF.
  • New export option: export all tickets visible in the list in CSV format. All fields except the attachments will be exported.
  • Quicklook (with space bar) can be used to quickly view attachments.
  • You can now buy your license directly from the application.
  • The ticket details will now show counters for the number of comments and attachments.
  • New field: tag
  • New field: related tickets
  • Various bug fixes which should also improve performance.
  • Now use Devmate for license generation.