Version 2.4.0 of Bugz released

A new version of Bugz has been released. It contains the following fixes/changes.

  • New: Add attachments by dragging from the Finder.
  • New: Added ability to add multiple attachments at the same time.
  • Changed: UI tweaks for dark mode.
  • Fixed: Prevent losing view of new ticket when changing product/status.
  • Fixed: When changing product in ticket, component and version were not set correctly.
  • Fixed: Clicking the print button could result in crash.
  • Fixed: Hiding/showing ticketlist/details not always working as expected.
  • Fixed: To many warning messages when viewing linked attachments that no longer exist.
  • Fixed: Tags were missing on reports.
  • Fixed: Correctly use folder when exporting attachments.
  • Fixed: Original filename now correctly set when exporting attachment.
  • Fixed: Searching for a severity from searchbar could result in crash.
  • Fixed: Quicklook (clicking spacebar) not working correctly when in preferences the option was set to use the default app for viewing the fileformat.
  • Fixed: Some fields missing when sending mail.